Discipleship Classes

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Fall Session Class Options

Stepping Into Freedom

Stepping into Freedom is a Christ-centered study designed for anyone that has a life controlling issue. These problems can and do effect our daily lives, relationships with other people and with God. Stepping into Freedom helps us develop roots and steadfastness in Christ so we can confidently overcome the issues of daily living that steal our joy and peace. 

Thirteen sessions

Where is the Image of God in you?

Our character traits can be constructive or destructive in our lives and relationships. This study helps us to see how we can use these character traits to operate more and more in the image of God according to the way He created us. This study can also help us better understand others as we build godly relationships.

Twelve sessions

free to grow

This study is about how we focus on God as the center of our lives. We will look at things that might hinder or distract us from Him. We will learn tools that will help us to deepen our relationship while allowing Him to work in us. So come join us on this journey as we grow together in the Lord and build relationships with others.

Twelve sessions