Discipleship Classes

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Winter Session Class Options

Winter session Discipleship Classes will begin on January 9, 2020. Classes meet on Thursday evenings at 6:30pm. Childcare is available.

The single Christian

The Single Christian looks at the different facets of singleness as well as the difficulties that may be prominent in the lives of single Christians in a world of twos. This is a great group that allows singles to fellowship one with another while building lasting friendships. This group will also have some outside activities to help build relationships. Come join us for a study of God’s Word and build some friendships and enjoy some extra fellowship time with other singles. 

Thirteen sessions


Peacemaking uses the approach to resolving conflict in four basic principles: glorify God, get the log out of your eye, gently restore, and go and be reconciled.

This course shows how these principles may be applied in the home, workplace, church and neighborhood. We will discuss:

  • How to use conflict as an opportunity to please and honor God.
  • Why Christians should resolve disputes in church not court.
  • Why you can trust God to help you even in the most difficult conflicts.
  • When it is appropriate to simply to overlook an offense.
  • When it is appropriate to confront others regarding sinful behaviors.

As we study how to deal with these issues in a biblical way, you can develop a new approach to resolving conflict.

Twelve sessions

Concerned Persons

Concerned Persons is designed to help someone in their life make better choices, or break a stronghold that is hurting them. It is also designed to provide comfort to those that may be living with consequences of a loved one's choices. We will look to God and His Word to help us and comfort us in our time of need. This study will teach us how to rely on God to help those around us instead of our own understanding. As we receive comfort and guidance from God we then can give that comfort and guidance to others.

Nine sessions