Discipleship Groups

Find a place to face your problems and grow in your faith.

Discipleship groups have changed our lives in ways that we cannot, even now, fully understand.

In the beginning, we had a family member whose life was in a downward spiral. I went to the discipleship group to try to figure out how to fix them. But by the time I was in my second class, I realized that God had me there for me. God used the group to show me issues I had in my own life and that only God could fix our loved one (which he did, thank the Lord!). 

Angela only took the class to appease me. She was busy – working full-time, raising a son with school activities. She grew up in church and thought her relationship with the Lord was fine. The classes revealed things in her life that she didn’t even know were there.

Through these classes, we have begun to understand our identity in Christ, and that God wants to provide us with joy, peace, freedom and intimacy with Him. There is less worry and less distraction in our lives, as we have experienced new depths of understanding Christ Jesus. 

Join us on this journey. 

Kevin & Angela Michael

Discipleship Group Directors

Watch how God has used Discipleship Groups to change lives:

Deana Luehrs
Sarah Tomlinson
Shawnda Schmidt