Financial Freedom

Six sessions to help you find financial freedom from a Biblical perspective.

You want financial freedom.

  • 76% of people live paycheck to paycheck.
  • The average American household wastes 24% of their take-home pay on consumer debt.
  • 64% of Americans can't cover a $1000 emergency.

You can live differently.

God has promised to provide what we need to succeed.

Our job is to discover what God wants us to do, accept responsibility for each task, and then make the Biblically-based choices necessary to fulfill our destiny.

We will

  • Look at our current situation and determine "Who are we now?"
  • Establish goals and decide "Who do we want to be?" and
  • Adopt a plan to help us be accountable and remember, going forward, to ask ourselves "Are we who we said we wanted to be?"

This sessions will cover the following topics:

Unit One: Your Life Matters

Unit Two: Stewardship

Unit Three: Restoring Financial Balance/Avoiding Indulgences

Unit Four: Saving/Wealth Management

Unit Five: Debt Elimination

Unit Six: Budgeting/Accountability