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Small Groups Fall 2023: Sabbath

Here you can find each of the session videos 📽️, links to download free resources, Amazon links to purchase any additional resources you would like, discussions, and more.📖

Printed Sabbath Guide:

Are you more of a full color, bound book kinda person? You can get a professionally printed version of the Sabbath Guide FROM AMAZON HERE.

Just prefer paper? We have some copies printed in house. Get yours HERE.

Reach Reading: "Sabbath" by Dan Allender

Get your copy HERE.

How to Airplay and/or Cast to your TV.

We'll provide old school DVDs to group leaders to use if you prefer or the internet is out. For those of us who don't have access to a time machine, we can use an HDMI cable, or there are some good options to get the videos wirelessly to your TV.

Week 1: Introduction to Small Groups & Fellowship 🤝

September 17-23

Intro: Long Version. You've seen the first part before :-)

Some discussion starter questions: (these are just ideas for you)

  • How was your summer?
  • Did you do anything fun?
  • What moments this summer did you feel closest to God?
  • Can you share your experience with "spiritual disciplines"?
  • What thoughts and emotions does discussing spiritual disciplines bring up for you?
  • Was your experience positive or negative?
  • Why do you think that might be?

Week 2: Practicing the Way • Sabbath • Stop

September 24-30

Sabbath: Stop

Additional Discussion Starter Questions: (ideas if you need)

  • What does it mean to you that Jesus is "Lord of the Sabbath"?
  • Do you think your view might change as you begin this practice?
  • Have you ever tried to sabbath before? What was it like?
  • How do you think a practice like this could help our circles?
  • What do you think it would be like to invite someone to a sabbath meal?
  • Have you ever been included in someones sabbath?

Week 3: Pastors Dylan & Nichole • Sabbath Discussion

October 1-7

Sabbath Discussion

Discussion starter questions:

  • Have you tried the Sabbath practice?
  • What was it like?
  • Have you unintentionally 'practiced' anything that has become a habit?
  • How can you fix your attention on God instead of becoming well adjusted to culture without even thinking?

Week 4: Practicing the Way • Sabbath • Rest

October 8-14

Sabbath Rest

Week 5: Family Meal 🍽️

October 15-21

There's no better conversation than one had around a table (or on a couch with a paper plate).

Choose the host home or book the restaraunt. Plan the menu. Party like it's 1999 🎉

---I know some of us weren't even born yet, so just imagine.---

Bonus: Try your hand at hosting a sabbath meal if you want to give it a try and your group is up for it. Just be warned, this might very well become a thing 🤪

Week 6: Practicing the Way • Sabbath • Delight

October 22-28

Sabbath: Delight

Week 7: Light The Night 🎃

October 29 - November 4

We are pumped 💪 for Praise Small Groups to join with Praise Kids to share Jesus' love with our neighborhoods this Halloween. 🙌

Week 8: Practicing the Way • Sabbath • Worship

November 5 - 11

Sabbath: Worship

Bonus: Join pastors Dylan and Nichole along with a few friends for a Worship & Songs livestream 🎸

Info TBD.

Week 9: Family Meal 🍽️

November 12-18

Not sure about that big 🦃 Thanksgiving meal coming up? Dust off the smokers and deep fryers and try your recipes out on your small group. We don't mind. We'll take one for the team...

It's our favorite way to be together...

🍽️ With a meal.

Week 10: No Group 🦃-Day

November 19-25 Practice sabbath. Stop. Rest. Delight. & Worship. Enjoy thanksgiving with your circles.

Week 11: All Hands On Deck (The Halls) 🎄

November 26 - December 3

Fa la la la la, la la la la!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! 🎅 As small groups, we're going to be serving together to get Praise ready for our community to come experience Christmas at Praise!

We'll have more details as the date approaches, but we can't wait to get our tinsel on with you.

Week 12: Leaders Meeting

We have a leaders meeting on December 6th 🗓️.

What groups do without their leaders, well, that's up to y'all. While the boss is away...

Week 13: Party like it's 2023! 🎉

But only for a few more weeks...

December 10-16

Schedule up big celebrations with your group for Christmas and New Years. 🎊

This would be a great time to put your Sabbath skills to the test, in the middle of the hustle and bustle of family get togethers and gift shopping. Take some time to stop, rest, delight, and worship.

We won't have official small group meetings again until January 2024! 😳