Small Groups

But ALWAYS together!

We were made for community.

For get-togethers and celebrations.

For coffee dates and late-night Waffle House talks.

For family reunions and birthday parties.

For worship together and laughing in the lobby.

For special moments and small groups.

We are launching in to a new era of small groups at Praise.

Starting September 12th, small groups will meet throughout the week on different nights and in different locations in and around Springfield.

Some groups will be family-focused and include kids, and some groups will be adult-focused.

Some weeks your group will share food and fellowship, some weeks your group will gather for worship and discussion, and some weeks your group will take a break.

And our goal is that all of this flexibility and all of this variety will help you find a group that is a great fit for you.

We want to experience life together.

We want to mourn together.

And celebrate life together.

But always together.

On the registrations page, you will find a list of all the small groups available this fall.

The top of the page shows the family-friendly groups, followed by the adult-focused groups below.

You can find additional details about each group by clicking on the leader photo. These details will include:

  • General Location,
  • Day & Time,
  • Type of Group (family or adult),
  • Masking Preference, and
  • Leader Bio.

Each registration also shows how many openings there are in the group for additional adults (and children, if applicable).

And about the kids…

If you want your kids to join you at a group (with other kids), sign up for a family-friendly group.

If you have kids but would prefer not to have them with you at small group (no judgement here!), you have two options:

  • Sign up for an adult-focused small group that meets on Sunday evenings and plan to drop your kids at Praise from 6:00pm to 7:30pm Sunday night during group or
  • Sign up for an adult-focused small group on a different night and arrange whatever childcare works best for your family.

Find your community.

We believe that God created us for community. It’s a vital part of Christian living—we become like those we’re around.

Here’s the plan:

  1. First, take some time to read about the different small group leaders and review the different group options.
  2. Next, register for a group that looks like a good fit for you (and your family).
  3. Then, look forward to hearing from your group leader for additional information and details.

Join your Praise family and friends in a small group.

It may take you out of your comfort zone.

It may mean a few awkward moments.

It may bring smiles and laughter and joy.

But always together.


If you have questions about how to get connected to a group, drop us a note at