Your NextMove ➡️

We’re here to help you discover your NextMove to Jesus and with Jesus.

God made the first Move. Now it’s your turn.

Fall Small Groups Semester Launches 9/17 🙌

You were made for community! Find yours in small groups.

God has BIG plans for you! You are a world-changer. God has BIG plans for the world. He’s working to restore everything to the good world He created at the beginning. He made the first move by sending His son, Jesus who overcame sin, death, and the grave. Now, it’s your turn. He wants you to carry on his restoration project to push back the darkness and change your world. He wants you to reach your circle and impact our community. All you need to do is move to Jesus and move with Jesus.

Move to Jesus

Here are some ways Praise can help you move to Jesus.

Move with Jesus.

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We get it, it can be hard to know what to do next… Do I sign up for underwater basketweaving ministry?… or BB stacking small group? …Can I really do this?… I don’t know if I’m ready… I don’t think God can use me… I’m just not sure about this whole faith thing… what if…

Don’t stress. You’ve got this. Yes God can use YOU! No matter where you are on your faith journey, you can make a difference. We can help. If you’d like some guidance from a human person, schedule a call below!