Worship @ Praise Commitments

Here's what we expect from you, and what you can expect from us.

I am committed God’s word and devotion.

"What fruit am I producing"

The Word of God is living, active, and our sole source of truth and direction.  I am devoted to personally reading the Word, treasuring my time in it, then obeying it. Am I exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit in my life more now than I was last year? If so, Iʼm devoted to the right thing? If not, what do I need to change?

I am committed to prayer.

“Have I spent time with Jesus lately?”

You’ve heard “you can’t lead where you haven’t been”. This so key for us as worship leaders. How can we lead people to God’s presence when we haven’t been there? This is the commitment: I’ll fight for prayer. I’ll spend time praying for my family, my church, my teammates and for the Holy Spirit’s moving in our service. I am nothing without Him.

I am committed to learning.

“How can I do this better?”

I’m suspicious of doing the same old thing; it's likely a trap. No one wants to be stuck. Instead, I’m looking for fresh and new ways to do things. I am open to new ideas. I’ll try things just to see what I can learn. Who knows, that idea might be so crazy that it works. I need to be open to suggestions. When Iʼm actively looking for opportunities to learn and grow in every situation, constructive criticism does not come as an attack on me as a person but an answer to the question Iʼve been asking all along.

I am committed to serving.

“How can I help you?”

As a member of a worship team, it is my responsibility to act like a roadie, not a rock star. I remember that I am a servant and that it isn’t about my fame or glory. I am serving Christ by offering worship to Him and by serving others in my worship to Christ. It’s never about how much I get to play or how well everyone can hear me, or what cool licks I throw in. It’s about doing whatever it takes to help lead our congregation into passionate, heartfelt worship of the Lord. Instead of looking for others to serve me, I need to be looking for ways to serve others. 

I am committed to excellence.

“Is this my best?” “Am I getting better”

I shouldn't be striving for perfection, but rather, I should be pushing for my very best. If I’m committed to learning, then my very best is a moving target, always getting better and better. I should be constantly becoming more skilled as a musician. I should be constantly moving closer to Christ.

I am committed to humility.

“How can I demonstrate your value over mine?”

Philippians chapter 2 highlights this so well. Itʼs a ceaseless mission to place value on the people around me.

Committed to ownership.

“If this was ‘my problemʼ what would I do?”

I bring solutions, not just problems. I fix things that are broken. I actively look for needs and gaps and fill them. “It’s not my job” is stricken from my vocabulary. I’m not going to wait for someone else to do the thing. I’m jumping in with both feet.

I'm committed to pass on what I've learned.

“Who else can I include?”

I donʼt hold tightly to “my thing” but actively look for ways to include others on the journey. This is our mandate. We are one body, each with a part to play (1 Corinthians 12). It is my responsibility to raise up the next generation of worshippers/leaders. This is why we will be involved in worship in kids ministry and youth ministry.

I am committed to unity.

“Am I an island?”

Instrumentalists, lighting operators, singers, visual worshippers, audio engineers, video producers, stage managers, hospitality gurus, camera crews. We are all one team and we are better together! Our Saturday meetings are to help build this culture together! Our Sunday morning rehearsals help us with musical and spiritual unity. That’s why I won’t miss those crucial meetings and I won’t be late.

I am committed to having fun.

“Do I take myself too seriously?”

No, I won’t forget to laugh!

Ok. I get it. I'm in. What now?

If your reaction to these commitments is yes, yes!, YES!, YAAAASSS!, then you’ve got the right kind of attitude for our team. Now let’s see where you fit on the team.